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Michael Dickerson

Online Genetics-Focused Medical Services


Passion for the whole person

I am a board-certified family nurse practitioner with passion for treating the whole person.


I knew I wanted to be a healthcare provider as a young man volunteering in a hospital. I witnessed the power of the human mind and body to recover from unbelievable trauma against all odds, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. 

My prior specialties include rehab rehabilitation medicine, nursing education, medical genetics research, and public health policy. 

I integrate my healthcare education experience,  training as a geneticist, and twenty years of teaching on nutrition, depression and anxiety to help my clients on their journey to their best physical, mental and nutritional health.

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"Our understanding of genetics is changing how we prescribe. As the science of medicine evolves, we feel a responsibility to deliver solutions that keep pace with that change.

Our innovative, precision health technology can unlock the ability to deliver personalized treatment. Together we can improve quality, reduce costs, and increase overall satisfaction of care."



In the early 2000s Mike worked in a theoretical genetics lab at Missouri State University and created a model for gene interactions based on chaos theory. Years later, working in healthcare education, he attended a genetics conference and, in a lightbulb moment, realized his theoretical model could be applied to understanding many mental health conditions, including autism, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and many others. Building upon that earlier research, he conducted research with a colleague at University of Missouri-Kansas City studying how genetic variations of genes regulating electrolytes, such as calcium and sodium, affect levels of depression and anxiety. His research is currently in review for publishing in a scientific journal. Mike now has his sights set on studying genes that regulate risk and reward behaviors (i.e., addiction) and building upon his chaos theory of gene interaction to understand autism and ADHD. He has also worked with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department in Missouri and created their first HIV rapid-testing policy.


Extensive Studies

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Southwest Baptist University

Masters of Science, Genetics

Missouri State University

Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Missouri State University

Doctorate of Nursing Practice,

Family Nursing Practice 

University of Missouri – Kansas City

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