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Frequent Questions

Check below to see some of the most common questions

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  • Where is my appointment?
    Currently, all appointments are conducted via Telehealth, unless prior arrangements have bene made.
  • What services do you offer?
    Currently, we offer mental health services including medication management, genetic testing and treatment plans. In the future we plan to offer more genetic testing options to help with nutrition as well as other primary care services.
  • How often will I have an appointment?
    After your initial appointment, you will be scheduled for a second appointment in 2 weeks (if you want genetic testing) in order to go over your genetic test results. Depending on your specific medication regimen you may follow up in 6 weeks, or up to 3 months. Patients on any form of controlled substances are seen a minimum of every 3 months of if a change in medication is made.
  • How can I change the medication I am using?
    Medications are only adjusted during office visits. If you feel you need a change in your medication, please contact the office to schedule an appointment.
  • What is the late cancellation or no/show policy?
    Due to the demand for appointments, we ask for 24 hours notice (M-F) or a $75 fee is assessed. As our office is not open on the weekends, notification on Sat or Sun for a Monday appointment would not count. This policy is strictly enforced in order to allow patients that need urgent care, to be able to receive it. Giving us 24 hours notice enables us to fill these slots and improve patient care for all our patients.
  • How do I make a follow up appointment?
    Your follow up appointment will most likely be scheduled at the end of your prior appointment. In the event this doesn't happen, you can contact the office by calling or messaging through the Spruce app.
  • How can I communicate with the office?
    We proudly use the Spruce Communications App. You will be send an invitation during your patient onboarding process and can message us through the app whenever.
  • Why didn't my insurance cover my appointment?
    If we accept your insurance, we will bill them. We have access to basic information about deductibles and copays and those are collected the day of every appointment. If insurance does not cover your appointment, please contact them. It could be you have not met your deductible yet for the year, you may not have mental health benefits with your individual policy, your insurance has terminated, your insurance company has your demographic information incorrect, or you have an insurance in which Jennifer is not a provider. To be sure, it is always best to reach out to your individual insurance company before being seen.
  • What insurance do you accept?
    We will be accepting Cigna, United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, KanCare, and aetna. We are still in process with credentialing so please double check with the office to make sure you insurance is accepted. If you want to be seen but do not have a currently accepted insurance, we have an out of pocket rate.
  • How much does the genetic test cost?
    Genetic testing is billed through the lab and Michael has no interaction in this regard. Please refer to for details. Certain insurances may actually cover the test, this may depend on which insurance you have and if you have met your annual deductible.
  • Do I have to get genetic testing?
    Not at all. Most patients want genetic testing but it is not required to be seen in Michael's practice.
  • Will I be able to have a genetic test through Telehealth?
    Yes, the testing kit will be sent to your house after the first appointment. Normally, these tests are sent overnight. You will need to complete some quick paperwork for Genomind before the test is sent. Once the test is requested, Genomind will send an email normally the same day.
  • How can I get a genetic test?
    Michael utilizes medical grade genetics only—These tests can only be ordered by medical providers. If a patient chooses genetic testing, it is ordered at the first appointment and the results are discussed at the second appointment.
  • What does a genetic test show?
    Genetic testing through Genomind shows 2 types of genes: Pharmacodynamic Gene variations — How an individual genes affect a body’s biological response to psychiatric drugs. Pharmacokinetic Gene variations — How an individual’s genes affect the metabolism of psychiatric drugs. These pathways are not unique to psychiatry and this information can also be used to determine how many drugs outside of psychiatry may be metabolized by an individual patient

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